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Global Keratin Miami Bombshell 24oz



Salon Professional Use Only 

GKhair Miami Bombshell is a Salon Professional Hair Straightening Treatment for frizzy hair to tame and repair the damage that occurred from styling, coloring and excessive heat. Miami Bombshell keratin treatment will strengthen the hair structure by filling in the cuticles with JUVEXIN® and natural hair nutrients. One of the best hair straightening treatments specifically designed for blonde hair will make your blonde hair smooth, silky and frizz-free for a long time. Buy now GKhair Miami Bombshell for a smooth, shiny finish.   


JUVEXIN: A keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for restoring hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state.

NATURAL OILS AND PEARL EXTRACT to achieve optimal hair health and moisture. 


Step 1

Shampoo hair twice with the GKhair pH+ Shampoo before the application.

Step 2

Section the hair.

Step 3

Apply GKhair Miami Bombshell evenly throughout the hair with an application brush.

Make sure the treatment remains 0.5cm from the scalp.

Remove excess product from hair using a fine-tooth comb.

Step 4

Cover with a plastic cap and sit for 5-30 minutes under the heat.

Step 5

Rinse to the point when water runs almost clear.

Step 6

Blow-dry with Round Brush until 100% dry.

Step 7

Flat iron the hair to seal the cuticles.

Step 8

Wash hair with GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo.

Step 9

Style as desired!


  • Quick and Effective Application
  • Cut Styling Time to Half
  • Intense Repair and Shine
  • Silky Smooth Hair Straightening 


  • Smoothing/straightening treatment for blonde
  • Blue base neutralizes unwanted brassy tones
  • Smooth, silky and frizz free hair for a long time.

BONUS: Can be used on color treated or natural hair.

*All professional products are Final Sale*

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