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Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicanuit Serum 90 ml



Kérastase is proud to introduce Sérum Cicanuit, a new addition to the popular Blond Absolu range. Designed to work on dry hair overnight, it extends expert blonde care to a simple nighttime ritual. Much like a rich night cream for the face, the serum is applied before bed and allowed to stay on the hair overnight for deep penetrating and long-lasting intensive repair.

The format is ideal for bleached hair, the most sensitized type, which needs extra nourishment around the clock to keep it strong and bright. Sérum Cicanuit harnesses the restorative power of overnight downtime to deliver the intensive nourishment the weakened fibre needs to meet the day looking beautiful and vibrant, feeling soft and full of life.

An aromatic and luxurious fragrance that takes you through an orchard of blooming flowers and dazzling citrus notes, giving you a sense of spring in a bottle.

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